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Naïve New Beaters: Disco Punk’s Not Dead.

by kate lawson

Quirky French trio Naïve New Beaters kicked up a storm on YouTube in 2007 with the music video for their first single “Bang Bang”, a string of EP’s followed along with their highly-acclaimed debut album “Wallace” hitting our iPod shuffles in 2009.

Seven years later, vocalist and American-born Dave Boring (not really boring at all), guitarist Martin Luther BB King (yes that’s his real name) and drummer Eurobelix (who sounds like he should be a character in The Adventures of Asterix), are still banging out tunes which combine classic electro synths with rock guitar riffs and punked-up wild pop with laid-back hip-hop sensibilities.

They look interesting too. Their seamlessly slick vintage and modern mash-up comes with a capital E for eclectic, much like their music videos and live shows - humour spliced with synchronised dance routines and happy-go lucky beats make them a ticket to party on their psyched-out energetic ride. If you’re looking for something to add to your Summer playlist, look no further.

Ahead of the release of their new album “A la Folie", we caught up with them in the middle of their European tour to talk dodgy dance moves, fans showing them body parts and awkward romantic gestures.


What was your first thought this morning?

Why did I eat oysters yesterday???!!!

What are you wearing today?

Eurobelix offered me a sort of Indian guru gold shirt which I’m wearing with an African headband. Citizen of the world, you know?

So you obviously dress to impress?

For sure, and also to regress and drink less.

And how would you describe your personal style to someone at a party who doesn’t know you?

Swayingly sentimental with a retro touch.

Nice! So, Martin Luther BB King - surely that’s not your real name?

For sure it is, pay some respect to parents who gave birth to the first pastheurized guitar hero.

Ok! And talking of Martin Luther, do you have mentors or inspirational figures who have guided or influenced you?

David Bowie, Steve Vay, AC/DC, Fresh Prince and Eddy Murphy.

Let’s Dance as David Bowie once sang, because you obviously like to - do you plan your synchronised routines together in your bedroom?

True that, we have some good choreography moves which I recommend not to try at home. We’ve always wanted to give a full performance, musical first, but also visual and this goes by nice glittering outfits, pyrotechnical effects and the steps you combine with it. At the moment we just have a problem with our new suits, they’re a bit too tight so it kind of sets limits to certain moves!

What about at School, did you ever get turned down for a slow dance at the disco?


But you’re obviously popular now, what’s the best thing a fan has given you?

Best thing was one girl in the audience showing only one boob and worst was ice cubes on our face, both kinda hurts…

Ha! So what else makes you laugh, and also cry?


What’s the most spiritual action you’ve taken?

Having a band.

And the most romantic action?

Doing a serenata in Buenos Aires for Danila. Didn’t work out though…

So apart from that(!), what’s the biggest risk you’ve ever taken?

Having a band.

Where do you feel most at home?

Everywhere, citizen of the world, telling you!

But where is your favourite place to hang out?

The beach.

So let’s get personal - what’s the screen saver on your mobile?

Super private!

Ah come on! Ok, favourite phone app?


Favourite Instagram account, apart form your own of course!?

Not really one in particular, it’s more about the whole thing.

Guilty music pleasures on your iPod?

Sticky fingers - short dick man.

Punk or Disco?


Favourite era for fashion and music?


What shocks you?


What’s the best thing anyone’s ever told you?

We met at your concert, now we’re married. Happened more than 10 times. Think about it if you’re single.

I’m not, but there’s obviously something about your music that brings people together! But to reference your music, “Shit Happens” - what’s the worst thing that’s happened to you?

Shit happens every day but it’s alright, shit happens everyday we’re happier this way.

So what do you most dislike about contemporary culture?

Things I don’t understand.

And what do you most like about the age we live in?

The creative field and possibilities.

What’s your Moto in life and work?

Have fun in action.

Recommend a film, book or song that has changed your perspective on life?

Candide by Voltaire and Mental game of Poker by Jared Tendler.

So what’s coming up for the band?

Our third and best album “A La Folie” is released on July 22nd and we’re touring for it for the next year. We also have beer, the Naïve New Beer which we’ll continue to brew.

Ok so finally, with Brexit causing all this unrest, how about we get some of your beer, get everyone together and try to “Heal Tomorrow” - what do you think is the best way for the UK and Europe to be friends again?

Easy, by bringing the Naïve New Beaters into the discussions!



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Gucci Gang are the young girls redefining Parisian (street) style.

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A$AP Rocky’s new short film is a tribute to “La Haine”.

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Clara 3000: Paris’ new music icon.

If you’re a Vêtements fan – as well as a Jacquemus, Courrèges and now Balenciaga one – her face is probably extremely familiar to you. Clara 3000, born Deshayes, is the DJ – don’t call her “DJette”! – who’s shacking the Parisian music landscape nowadays.

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Pharmacy 2: Damien Hirst new art restaurant in London.

Damien Hirst is a living example of artist-star. Born in Bristol in 1965, he became popular as part of the YBAs – Young British Artists – collective, a group of visual artists that achieved considerable fame during the ‘90s. His work has always been drenched with paradoxes and provocations, including his latest project: a very peculiar restaurant in the heart of London.


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FKA Twigs: the singer just opened a new merch store.

Since her debut in 2012 Tahliah Debrett Barnett – aka FKA Twigs – has conquered both the fashion and the music world at once. The first one for her bold look recalling the style of the Chola girls (isn’t it, Riccardo Tisci?) and the second one for the experimental atmospheres of her sounds.

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Patti smith in 1977 photograph lynn goldsmithcorbis Patti Smith: her life secrets in a new memoir.

Patti Smith is an icon of our times. Born in Chicago in 1946, the singer, songwriter, poet and visual artist is still an emblem of the feminine revolution in rock music. Her life has been so extraordinary she decided to make it public in a new book.

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Charlie Siem shakes up the world of classical music.

Charlie Siem gets as much attention for being super handsome as he does for his virtuoso violin playing skills – his talent seems to be from another planet and he travels easily between the worlds of fashion and the realm of classical music.


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